From Concept To Creation

Frank & Kaipo Productions is a wondrous blend of imagination, talent and spectacle, creating a magical mix of culture, fancy and charity. Frank & Kaipo Productions is a combination of three elements in entertainment:

For an innovative approach to theme parties on a grand scale or even for a more intimate occasion, Frank & Kaipo Productions offers a personal touch to a party that won't soon be forgotten.

We also offer live production entertainment shows whether in Hawaii or in the resort of Las Vegas. Let us light up your showrooms with a male and female revue, a Polynesian showcase of song and dance, or a comedy or magic presentation. We can also book and coordinate cruise line shows for extended engagements. Simply, Frank & Kaipo Productions can make your showroom shine!

For your viewing pleasure, Frank & Kaipo Productions also specialize in calendars offering scenic beauty of the natural environment, or of the male or female human form. A custom calendar can be produced for you and made ready for mass production and distribution. Frank & Kaipo Productions has the resources and suppliers ready to help you bring your dreams to fruition. Be sure to check out the special HNL 1997 Calendar offer!


Frank & Kaipo Productions

A subsidiary of KMFL LLC, Corporate Office - Las Vegas

Reservations: 1-808-732-7385

827 Paahana Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

(808) 732-7385 or Fax (808) 732-7134


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