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Business has never before moved like this.

The York Foundation globally bringing together the world under one roof. Starting in Los Angeles for breakfast, Hawaii for Lunch and Japan for Dinner.

Moving through the world faster then ever.

Supporting group issues:

Medical Health Care, Global Environment, Economic Development & Tourism, Government Trade Policies, Charities, Ethnic Groups and many more.

Letter From The Board Of Directors,

    Standing poised to enter the twenty-first century, one real challenge we all face is keeping up with the rapid rate at which science and technology is changing the world. It will profoundly affect the The York Foundation and every person in your community.

    Not only will the way we communicate and conduct commerce be greatly affected by technological advances, but on more personal level, medical science will continue to find cures and treatments for diseases and conditions that were thought to be untreatable - extending the life spans of millions.

    It's exciting to be a part of today's dynamic planet Earth and The York Foundation, supported primarily by donations, is your front row seat. Sit back and get all the information you need to understand the ever-changing world and remain a confident, healthy and prosperous citizen. While programs such as MEDICAL HEALTH CARE, GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM, GOVERNMENT TRADE POLICIES, CHARITIES, ETHNIC GROUPS are all highly issues, they mean much more to us as a society because their thoughtful, fair content serves to define our lives and environment as quickly as they are evolving.

    This is the critical mission of The York Foundation - serving the very real needs of citizens to be engaged, informed and communicated - in the context of a civilization in flux.

    By becoming a sponsor of The York Foundation, this is what your financial support will help make happen. Over 250,000 people will see a balanced and meaningful understanding of daily life and the tools to take charge of it. That's why regularly supporting The York Foundation is important to so many, in so many different ways.

    It is for all these reasons that I write to you today, asking for $25, $50, $100, or anything you can afford to send. Your support is very important to the future of The York Foundation as we continue to work on making up for recent drastic cuts in government funding.

    It only takes a few moments to complete the response sheet. When you do, you will be helping to insure the gift of The York Foundation for every man, woman and child in the world - month after month.

Warmest regards,

The Board Of Directors

This organization takes the effort of global support.

Your contribution would be most appreciated.

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