My Best Friend

Sometimes I'm lost, when everything I do seems so wrong...

But with your powerful words, you make me feel so strong.

Whenever my heart is crushed, I cry day and night...

But when I see your loving smile, everything seems all right.

When I have a bad day, and I feel really blue...

I just remember all the sweet things you do.

When something's on my mind, but I'm afraid to share..

You can always get it out of me by saying, "You need to tell me so I can be there."

When I'm cold and scared, shivering with fright...

You warm me and comfort me, by holding me tight.

You are the best friend I could ever have. And I will never be able to forget

the warmth, the smiles, the love you've given, ever since the day that we met!

Thanks for being my friend!

By: Kaipo